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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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About Us

Dear Pay-Transparency Friend,

Welcome to! Thanks so much for checking us out and for joining the movement towards clear pay-transparency for all employees and job-seekers. While other websites or engines may include vague and general salary information or calculations as an afterthought,’s sole purpose is to provide specific peer-to-peer transparency, while maintaining the anonymity of its users. In other words, we are here for YOU in the movement towards clear pay-transparency.

According to recent surveys, over two-thirds of employees want pay transparency. Yet, the vast majority of employers have been slow—or, altogether resistant—to act. While a handful of states and cities have adopted pay-transparency laws that require employers to include the salary range on job postings, such laws only cover a portion of the country, and do nothing to address the lack of pay transparency for employees already in their roles and questioning whether they are receiving fair pay as compared to their colleagues or counterparts down the road.

Here at, we believe pay transparency benefits all employees and job-seekers, regardless of background, as it provides clarity and serves as a helpful tool in negotiating your own salary. Moreover—and as an important added bonus—many experts believe that pay transparency will help close the gender and racial pay gap that exists today in the workplace. How great would that be?!

Knowledge is power. We seek to empower all employees and job-seekers by forming this knowledge bank of your peers and counterparts to help drive the conversation to get you the pay that you deserve. was developed by me, a working-attorney mother, who—like many of you likely visiting this site—questioned whether I had received fair pay in roles when others’ compensation had been subtly revealed over time. Frustrated with the lack of pay transparency both on-the-job, and while applying to roles, I decided to do something about it. From this frustration,—and this community—was born. And we are so excited to have you join us in this movement.

Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to be your go-to tool in changing the tide towards pay transparency!

All the best in your career and fair-pay journey,
Ashley L. Oliker
Ashley L. Oliker, Founder and CEO

I’ve always thought that I was supposed to keep my salary private. Am I allowed to disclose my salary to others?

While was developed by an attorney, we are not your attorney, and therefore cannot give legal advice. However, your right to disclose your salary information is protected by federal law with only a few, very limited exceptions. See Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act; NLRB v. Brookshire Grocery Co., 919 F.2d 359 (5 th Circuit, 1990); President Obama’s April 8, 2014 Executive Order re Non-Retaliation for Disclosure of Compensation Information.

Why are you asking for a username and my email if my salary information is supposed to be anonymous?

Good question! Your username and email will not be linked to your salary information submission. That will remain strictly anonymous to other users on this site. We simply request that you create an account with a username and email in order to protect this site’s legitimacy and for security purposes.

I am not seeing the results that I am looking for. What should I do?

Try entering a similar title/role to expand your search and use a variety of key words. If you still are not seeing what you are looking for, continue to check back! We are adding more salary data points by the day.

I really want to help the cause to promote pay transparency. What can I do?

Awesome! We love hearing that. You can do your part by raising awareness and encouraging others to check out Let’s grow this knowledge bank as large as possible to change the tide towards clear pay-transparency for all!