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Federal Government Set To Ban Salary History Questions In Its Interview Process

“What did you make in your previous roles?” That question has haunted candidates during the interview process for years. Indeed, oftentimes a candidate is interviewing for a role in order to increase their compensation. If a candidate has previously been undervalued or underpaid, then this could limit the candidate’s ability to negotiate the compensation that they deserve. Research has also shown that in groups that have been traditionally underpaid throughout history, such as women and minorities, salary-history questions only perpetuate those pay gaps that have long existed.

Recognizing this, some states and localities have previously passed laws prohibiting an employer from inquiring into a candidate’s salary history. But now, the nation’s largest employer—the Federal Government—is set to ban these questions in its own interview processes as well.

Specifically, last week, the Office of Personnel Management (“OPM”) proposed regulations to prevent federal government managers from considering salary history when setting a candidate’s pay for a new role. Recognizing that the consideration of salary history perpetuates pay gaps, OPM Director Kiran Ahuja stated, “[t]hese proposed regulations are a historic step forward that will help make the federal government a national leader in pay

Here’s to hoping others follow this lead, too!