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CEO Making $5 Million Berates Employees For Asking About Their Bonuses: Tells Them To “Leave Pity City”

When we discuss pay transparency, we often discuss it in the context of having transparency into what co-workers or peers within the industry are making. But there is another layer to pay transparency that can be very helpful: knowing what your boss is making!

Why? Well, it puts a lot into context and perspective when you learn just how much more your boss or CEO is making than you. Have you heard about the recent example that has made its way across social media? Specifically, MillerKnoll’s CEO, Andi Owen, blasted staff on a zoom call for asking about their bonuses. In what appears to have been a very failed attempt at a pep talk, Owen told staff, “Don’t ask about what are we going to do if we don’t get a bonus” and to “get the damn 26 million dollars!” She wrapped up her “motivational speech” by saying, “So people, leave pity city. Let’s get it done.” [Quotes courtesy of CNN and Twitter.]

Her comments are bad enough standing alone. But when we add in the fact that she brought home $5 million in compensation last year while berated employees for asking about their bonuses; well, that’s simply insult to injury.

So, while we’ve typically discussed the benefits of pay transparency as it relates to colleagues and peers, we also know a little context goes a long way when you learn just how much more your boss or CEO is making. It certainly provides some perspective.