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How To Negotiate Better Pay At Your Job was created by a former litigation attorney, so we know a thing or two about negotiations. There is no shortage of experts on the topic of negotiations online, particularly as it concerns pay or salary in the workplace. But drawing from our negotiation experience, and pulling from those we’ve interviewed who’ve done it successfully, here are a few steps to consider using to negotiate better pay internally at your organization:

  1. Gather evidence in support. That’s what you can do here! Take a look at what others within your industry are making, and drill down to others specifically within your organization. Find out if you are being paid less; and, if so, make a note of it.
  2. Research your organization’s policies surrounding pay. Is it a black box? Something you can’t unlock? Or, do they have specific policies regarding your pay being tied to certain deliverables? If specific policies are in place setting forth payment practices, identify those and highlight how you’ve met them. If it is more of a “black box” system where no specific policy is in place, try having a few informal conversations with others internally about what is considered in pay decisions to make sure you are ready for a bigger conversation and negotiation.
  3. Build your case! Identify exactly why you’ve met any informal or formal criteria. Highlight just how awesome you are. Build in examples from to show where others are making more in similar roles either internally or externally to highlight that there’s room for an increase.
  4. Schedule a meeting internally to discuss and negotiate it. Have a specific number or range of what your “ask” is going to be in advance. Put together a memo outlining your case for an increase based on No. 3 above. E-mail that memo in advance to allow your boss to fully digest it prior to the meeting and provide for a more meaningful and productive discussion.

If the above steps don’t work, or are met with uncomfortable resistance, perhaps consider if you are at the right place. Do you feel treated fairly? Were you heard? Are you appreciated? If not, take a look at some of the other organizations identified in our database and consider doing some research as to whether those opportunities may be better for you.

Pay is one piece of an important employment puzzle. And the way your employer handles not only your pay, but your efforts and conversations concerning it can make a huge difference in your experience.

We are rooting for you here at! Wishing you all the best in your efforts at getting the pay and treatment you deserve.