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Salary Ranges In Job Postings Are Becoming Standard Practice For Many Employers

According to a recent survey conducted by ZipRecruiter, 72% of all employers surveyed indicated that they include salary information in all job postings regardless as to whether mandated by state law or not. Only 10% of employers surveyed indicated that they do not include salary ranges in their job postings. The remaining 18% surveyed responded that they only include salary information in states where they are required by law to do so.

Notably, as to the type of employers more likely to include salary information in their postings, it was smaller or medium-sized businesses that were more likely to do so (74%), whereas larger organizations were less likely to do so at 64%.

Moreover, according to the study conducted by ZipRecruiter and its own data, pay- transparency laws have driven an important increase in disclosing such salary information. Prior to such laws taking effect, only 20%-30% of job postings included salary information. Following the wave of pay-transparency laws in recent years, 50-60% of job postings on ZipRecruiter now contain such information.